Juniors are the heart of what we do.

If your child wants to learn how to play golf whilst making lifelong friends, then the SRG Junior School of Golf Programme held at Abergele Golf Club is just the thing for them.

We have a very active Junior section here at Abergele! It is one of the largest within North Wales with over 80 juniors. The aim for the SRG Junior School of Golf Programme is to help children develop and learn new skills through playing golf, whilst having an emphasis on enjoyment and fun.

Our junior lessons run every Saturday morning throughout the year. They are divided into three groups, depending on age and ability. The lessons are £4 every Saturday and the child must join as a junior member in order to actively participate and attend the lessons.


Here at Abergele Golf Club, we offer two different types of memberships for juniors. Please visit our membership page for more information.

SRG Junior School of Golf

The SRG Junior School of Golf is our exciting junior coaching programme at Abergele Golf Club.

The SRG Junior School of golf was founded and created by our PGA Fellow Head Professional Stuart Runcie. Stuart has devoted a lot of time into the current success of our Junior section and has played a pivotal role in the development of their golf. Stuart has been a PGA professional coach since 2008 and has gained many qualifications in this field – TPI Level 2 Junior coach (Titleist Performance Institute), Trackman level 2 certified Golf Instructor and Level 3 TPI Golf Instructor. These qualifications have contributed to his extreme knowledge and passion for teaching golf.

Stuart has spent a lot of his spare time investing and finding grants in order to provide the best quality equipment that we can use to develop the progression of our Juniors. The SRG Junior School of Golf Programme has been designed to look at the long-term athletic development of all of our Abergele Juniors. The progression and development of our Juniors are measured using a coloured hat and wrist band system which has helped to instil motivation and healthy competition amongst them all. It has also taught them the importance of goal setting and striving to achieve each of their goals which will also provide many benefits in other parts of their lives.

The weekly junior lessons are designed with a flexible structure that is tailored to all ages and abilities of our junior members. The hat and wristband system (see below for the images) ensures that the weekly coaching plan is specific to each junior.

We have found that the hat and wristband system helps to set targets for each Junior to aspire to. As they progress with their hats and wristbands, our team in the Pro Shop emails the Juniors( parents and guardians) a syllabus of information that will help them identify what they need to practice in order to progress to the next level above.

If you would like to find out more about our Junior Programme or would like to come along to a trial session, please contact a member of the Pro Shop team on 01745 823813 or email professional@abergelegolfclub.co.uk.