Celebrating Richard Pearce’s 90th Birthday at Abergele Golf Club 🎉


On July 12th, Abergele Golf Club had the pleasure of hosting a surprise 90th birthday party for one of its most respected members, Richard Pearce. The event was attended by over 70 senior golfers, lady members, guests, and other members of the club.

Richard is a highly regarded member of our senior section. He joined the club back in October 2014, nearly 9 years ago with his wife Diana. Since then, he has been a very supportive member, attending Club functions and enjoying playing on the course with his friends.

The celebration began with everyone being welcomed with a glass of bubbly, served by the lovely Sunny. The guests were then treated to a delicious finger buffet and Pavlova dessert, prepared by Andy and Nicki and served by Laura and Michelle. Dave kept everyone’s glasses topped up from the bar, making sure that everyone was having a great time.

During the party, Richard took the opportunity to thank everyone who had attended and those who had organised his surprise birthday party. He also reminisced about the good times he and his late wife Diana had had at Abergele Golf Club. He thanked his son David for being there and Diana for the wonderful years they had together.

The birthday celebration was a testament to the love and respect that Richard has earned from his fellow golfers and club members. His 90th birthday was a milestone that showed how much he has contributed to the community and how much he is appreciated.

The celebration of Richard Pearce’s 90th birthday at Abergele Golf Club was a joyous occasion that brought together friends, family, and fellow club members to celebrate a remarkable person. Happy Birthday Richard! 🎂🎈🎁