Weekly Rules Reminder – The Unplayable Ball- Rule 19

A ball may be declared unplayable at any time, except when in a penalty area (in a penalty area the relief options of Rule 17 apply).
Three options all with one penalty shot:

• Stroke and distance – replay shot from original spot using the drop relief area
• Back-on-line relief – using ball position and the hole as reference points, go back as far as you like. A tee peg can be used to mark the chosen spot and the ball is then dropped within the drop relief area.
• Lateral relief – Using ball position as reference point, measure two-club lengths in any direction as long as no nearer the hole. The ball is dropped within that two-club length relief area.
Please note – if two-club lengths is not enough to make the ball playable, another option should be used or a further two-club lengths can be measured after dropping for a further one shot penalty.

Thanks to Ian Lloyd for keeping us on the straight and narrow once again with our weekly rules reminder!