Seniors Betterball Open: Results from June 7th, 2023 Now Available!


The Seniors Betterball Open on Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 was a delightful day as the sun graced the competitors with its presence. It was heartening to see numerous familiar faces, including several past members. The winners of the competition were Mr. Captain, Lyndsay Meakin, and Ian Carr, who won the first prize of £80 vouchers each with 48 points. Sean O’Keefe and Kevin O’Keefe won the second prize of £60 vouchers each with 46 points, with Sean achieving a Hole in One on the 5th hole. Chris Jones and Ian Davies won the third prize of £40 vouchers each with 43 points, and Danny Lang and Walter Kerr won the fourth prize of £30 vouchers each with 43 points.

Furthermore, there were several eligible holes in two: David Rogers on the 5th, Dennis Reeves and Jonathon Cooper on the 13th, Mr. Captain Lindsay Meakin, John Hughes, Gareth Hughes, and Eric Derbyshire on the 5th.

During the competition, Sean O’Keefe made an impressive hole-in-one on the fifth hole. This is a remarkable achievement that deserves recognition and congratulations. It is not every day that a golfer can make such a shot, and Sean’s achievement is something to be celebrated. Congratulations to Sean O’Keefe on his impressive hole-in-one on the fifth!

A big thank you goes out to all the volunteers on the reception desk, starters, course marshals, and the halfway house, who made the event possible.