Results Pros Comp 24th April

Here are the results for yesterdays last pro’s competition before heading onto a Texas scramble next week.

Div 1
1st Josh Lloyd 40pts CPO
2nd Nick Gibbs 40pts
3rd Martin Lindquist 39pts

Div 2
1st Neil Wilkinson 40pts
2nd Richard Gratton 39pts
3rd Rob Tudor 38pts CPO

Div 3
1st Dave Binns 42pts
2nd Bill Harman 40pts CPO
3rd Meurig Hughes 40pts

Holes in 2 – £5.16 each
Stuart Foggo
Nick Gibbs
Paul Simpson
Lindsay Meakin
Matt Lindquist
Lindsay Fisher
Meurig Hughes
Owen Warwick
Neil Wilkinson
Andy Evans
Steven Hatcher
Dewi M Davies

9 Hole Comp
Tom Pye CPO 19pts

Congratulations to all winners, we hope you had a lovely day and we will look forward to seeing you again next weekend.