Pros Mixed Comp Saturday 27th March

Saturday 27th March Pros Comp

Can I firstly say I am very pleased that this Saturday I will be running a Pros Comp. To ensure we all have fun but more importantly stay safe, can you please read through the guidelines below for how the comp will be run on Saturday.

The competition will go live for booking at 3pm today (Wednesday 24th March) on BRS.

The procedure for Saturday’s social mixed Pros comp:

Format: individual stableford allowing men, ladies and (juniors with a handicap of 20 or below) to compete.
This will be an 11 hole competition with the men playing off the yellow tees and ladies off the red tees.

There will be 3 divisions
Division 1 handicaps 0-13
Division 2 handicaps 14-20
Division 3 handicaps 21 and above

All bunkers will be GUR

Entry fee.
Please note during this time the pro shop is still closed, so we will be running an honesty box in the new starters hut.

If you are entering the competition for Saturday it will be cash only and there will be no change available so please ensure to arrive with the correct money.

There will be brown envelopes provided, players must put their £3 in a brown envelope with their name on it and then put their envelope in the card competition box which will be in the starters hut.


Players must use their own pen/pencil when writing their name on their envelope.

Entry fee £3.00

Picking up your scorecard/Handicap

The 11 hole scorecards will be provided in the starters hut and players must write out there own cards and handicap and the 11 hole handicap adjustment will be available on the outside of the starters hut. Strokes received for 11 holes will be off players Club handicap and not the slope rating for this social competition. (Details of your handicap can be found by logging into your howdidido app).
Please note if a card is returned and has no handicap on the card or name, that card won’t be part of the comp.
Finally please make sure your handicap is on the card and then your adjusted 11 shots.

To reduce passing of any contamination, players will mark their own card and verbally agree scores after each hole and at the end of the round. Signing of the cards by marker and player isn’t required during this time.

After the round where do your cards go?

Once your round is complete, please could all golfers make their way up the path at the back of the first tee towards the studio to avoid congregation and make their way up the path past the clubhouse. The cards can be posted through the golf clubs front door letterbox. To avoid the risk of cross contamination of the staff handling the cards, which will include a quarantine period, the results will be posted via email on Monday.

To ensure no holes in 2 are missed, can the scorer please make sure any 2’s are clearly marked on the cards. This can be done by putting a big circle around the 2 or where possible highlight it on the card.

Any cards not posted by the end of Saturday won’t be in the competition.

Scores and results
The scores will aim to be published and emailed out on Monday.

Click and collect service

Although retail isn’t yet fully open I am operating a click and collect service so any items you need on the day please just let me know and I can arrange to have these ready for you. Also drinks and confectionery items will be available on the day.

I look forward to seeing you all Saturday.

Kind Regards