Open Week Analysis

Well another Open Week has been and gone and the results are in! Over the five days, we are pleased to announce that income was up by almost £1000 from £9843 to £10872 and expenses were down by £350 so the net income was £7781 against £6505 last year.

The raffle raised £585 and the halfway house £688, thank you to the members who made this possible!
Visitors were up 47 and members by 9. This would not have happened without a huge commitment from many members, Club staff and the team at the Pro Shop. The extra work involved in inviting visitors to the Club, keeping social distancing, constantly sanitising, taking temperatures from the diligent bar staff and making their day memorable, just does not happen without the tireless work from these diligent individuals. In addition, Mick Norwood worked daily setting up and helped organise each day’s event. The desk was manned by Catrin Morris every day, alongside Wayne Harris, Lady Captain Joan Hacking, and June Evans.

Our stalwart starters Don Smith Hughes, Paul Jones, Edgar Richards, John Newcombe, Eric Jones and Margaret Hinds all welcomed visitors to the tee and made them welcome.

It would be remiss not to mention the unsung heroes, the Green staff and volunteers, who have worked in challenging conditions over the last few weeks. The feedback on the course has been complimentary and appreciative, and as one satisfied visitor relayed in his email, “We had a great day – your course, staff and overall facilities were fantastic. Well done, we will be back next year.”