News from your Course Manager!

The course is looking good for the time of the year, with most of the course being mown this week and the fallen leaves being mulched daily.
The heights of the greens have been raised in line with the falling temperatures. Just prior to the firebreak lockdown, the greens were fertilised and the following week they were solid tined. We are trying to open the surface as much as possible, as this will help with root development and to reduce the surface compaction. The greens are looking very healthy at present and the strategy has been all about health this autumn. The playing surface could be slightly quicker, however during these unprecedented times the health of the greens is paramount. With the location of the course under the hills, sunlight seldomly shines on our greens. By maintaining a healthy sward over the winter months, we can produce a finer and better playing surface in spring.
During the high winds over the past fortnight, several large branches have fallen and a couple of trees were deemed dangerous due to trunks splitting or large limbs snapping. This meant removal was the only option due to safety concerns.
The course is developing a few wet areas – these have been roped, and we ask you to please avoid these areas where possible. The top section of 18 will remain closed till spring due to water-logging issues and safety concerns.
Ground conditions are currently permitting buggies for essentials users, but please check the daily course update for accurate information (phone option 5, website or twitter). A polite reminder that when conditions become softer, please only use a buggy if that is your only method of playing due to physical needs. This will allow golfers with medical conditions more opportunities to play using buggies.
As always, please take care on the course, and have a great week of golf ahead!