News from the Course – September

The course is withstanding the changing weather conditions and at times buggies are leaving tyre marks. We kindly ask if all buggy users could take care on the course and, where possible, to vacate the buggy to look for lost balls as there are many circling tyre marks left in the soft areas. We will try and allow buggy use as much as possible this winter but we do need all users to be sensible and considerate to the course. If buggies are damaging the course, they will be prevented from further use until conditions improve.

A large sycamore limb has fallen adjacent to the 17th green. An application has been submitted to Conwy council with regards to the TPO for the removal of the remaining tree.

We have logs for sale, they are priced at £30 for a tonne bag of logs that need splitting and £60 for a tonne bag of split logs. We have a variety of logs available from recently felled ash, to 12 month old oaks. Please email for more details.

We will soon start preparations for hollow coring at the end of September-first week of October. It is crucial maintenance for our greens, as it allows air into the profile and also removes any organic matter. We try and keep the operation away from the playing season, however we also need ground temperatures in the soil for recovery and the sand has to be applied in dry conditions. If you are feeling energetic and wanting to join the humorous green staff for a couple days, to help us complete the hollow coring task, we would welcome any volunteers and ask they get in touch with us at reception.