Junior lessons return Saturday 27th March

This Saturday 27th we hope to see the return of the junior golf lessons.

I’m sure you will have all seen the newsletter on Friday from the Golf Club and in there information on the new junior coaching program for 2021, for anyone who hasn’t seen this here it is again below.

New Junior Golf Program Launching at Abergele Golf Club

There will be a new junior coaching program this year for all Abergele junior members. This is a very exciting project that I have been working hard on during lockdown! The ‘SRG Junior School of Golf’ is designed to look at the long-term athletic development for all of our juniors, no matter if they are a beginner or an advanced golfer/athlete! The program has been based on my qualifications in TPI (Titleist Performance Institute). For those who are unaware, the TPI Certification Programme is an evidence-based, educational pathway designed to teach industry professionals how to increase player performance through a deep understanding of how the body functions during the golf swing. The junior golfing program has a hat system. This system will determine the golfers’ level of ability and includes several technical levels to achieve. These levels will vary in difficulty as the junior progresses through the programme. The idea for the hats has been taken from the Karate’s belt scheme, as it determines the level of skill with a structure to achieve the next belt (hat in our case). We will also be providing wristbands that are based on the junior’s fitness level. We have added the wristbands as we want to help the future long-term athletic development which is vital and beneficial to all sports that they might take part in. The lessons in the program have been designed to have fitness elements in them that will vary in difficulty as the juniors progress with their strength, power, and speed. The program has been designed with a structure in place and lesson plans have been created to make sure that they are specific to the different levels of ability. The different hats help set targets for the juniors aspire to. As the junior moves further with their hats and wristbands, the junior and their parents will be given the syllabus to achieve the next hat/band so they know how they can progress. There are 10 hats and bands in total and the juniors will be split into groups based on their hats. This has been done because we want to make sure that the junior’s lesson plan is specific to their needs.

There are 10 hats and bands in total to complete this process a junior golfer will have gone from
• learn FMS
• Learn to play
• Play
• Learn to compete
• Train to compete

We would like to ask that the juniors wear their hats and bands when they attend their lessons. This is a new way of learning to enable each junior to demonstrate their own understanding of goals, motivation, progression, and, most importantly, have fun with it!

What I would like to do before Saturdays lesson is to hold a zoom meeting with all the parents and juniors if possible to go through the program with you all personally and answer any questions you may have.

Wednesday 24th at 7.30pm