Intergenerational Pairs Match Unites Abergele Golf Club Community on Good Friday


The Good Friday Intergenerational Pairs Match on the Practice Ground was a resounding success, with 16 teams comprising eight senior members and eight junior members taking part in a four-hole short course to foster connections and relationships between the two generations. The event saw seniors imparting their wealth of golf knowledge to their younger partners, making it a heart warming and fun-filled occasion.

The morning saw juniors and seniors coming together to share their love of golf in a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. The event highlighted the importance of bridging the gap between generations and fostering a sense of community within the sport.

The match was played in the spirit of friendly competition, with each team playing their best to secure victory. Congratulations to our winning pair Mia (8) and Stephen (70)!


The event was not only a great success in terms of fostering connections between generations, but it also helped to promote the sport of golf to younger generations. By providing opportunities for juniors to play and learn from seniors, we hope to inspire more young people to take up the sport and continue the legacy of the game.

We are incredibly proud of the success of the Good Friday Intergenerational Pairs Match and look forward to hosting more events like this in the future. We believe that events like these are crucial in bringing generations together and fostering a sense of community within the sport of golf.