Important info regarding Saturday Competitions

There are an increasing number of golfers not inputting or returning their competition scores into HowDidIDo on a Saturday.

This is causing a huge ‘headache’ for the Match Secretaries and will result in an unrealistic record of playing history, on which the World Handicapping System is based.

Everyone must return a score, you are expected to hole out on every hole even if you have picked up on a previous hole.

For example:

Paul plays up to the 12th hole and loses his ball and doesn’t bother with a provisional, he would put down 0 on the card for that hole, but must carry on and put his scores in for 13-18. HDID will give him a net double bogey for the 12th. Also, he has a chance of a hole-in-two on 13 and 17(this is a separate comp).

As stated in the example, the computer will automatically add a ‘nett double bogey’ when a ‘0’ is recorded, then continue to hole-out and return your score at the end.

If members do not return their scores, this will lead to them being suspended from the next competition.

There may be an occasion when injury forces a player to retire, if so, please inform the Professional or Match Secretary.

If you’re having problems inputting your score, please ask for help from your fellow members, pro shop or match officials.

The Golf Committee.

If you are having any technical issues with your Howdidido please contact directly.

By email their Support Teams at