Here is an update from the Directors.

Bad Language in the Bar

The Directors have received a number of complaints regarding the continued use of loud and repeated bad language in the Bar.

Members are reminded of the Code of Conduct which is unequivocal in that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

Henceforth any Member guilty of this transgression will receive a warning from the Bar Staff, in the event of a second breach they will be asked to leave. If a further subsequent breach occurs at any time the position will be referred to the Board of Directors who will have no option but to seriously consider whether continued Membership is appropriate.

It goes without saying that any abuse of the Bar Staff following a reasonable request to desist will absolutely not be tolerated and will meet with serious disciplinary action.

COVID Regulations

After further clarification and completion of the Club’s revised risk assessment, I have decided that the requirement to sign in to the Clubhouse including the Bar and Restaurant can cease forthwith. The option to sign in to the Bar and Restaurant with the NHS App remains but is not compulsory.

For the overwhelming majority of our Visitors and Members we have the ability to respond to requests from Wales Track and Trace from existing records.

What this means is that in the event we are asked for details we will use BRS and Bar Card records in the first instance to respond. Any Member who does not wish their details to be used for this purpose should register their objection with the Office but will consequently have to continue to check in at the Bar and Restaurant before service is given. When considering this Members should be aware that in 18 months we have never yet had a request for any details.

Please remember that whilst the wearing of masks is at your discretion on the first floor of the Clubhouse, they remain a strict requirement in all areas of the Ground Floor including the Pro Shop.

Trevor Clarke
COVID Responsible Director