From Saturday the 17th July, golf returns to pre-covid conditions!

From Saturday the 17th July, golf returns to pre-covid conditions! Flagsticks can be removed, course furniture will be placed in their former locations, ball cleaners will be functional and bunkers must be raked by golfers after playing their shot. We recommend that you all use hand sanitiser frequently on the course with the additional course furniture.

Due to production levels in the quarry as a result of the pandemic, we cannot source any bunker sand that is compatible with our greens until late December. Please bear with us until we can fill the bunkers to satisfactory levels.

The golf course is taking shape and in great condition for the crucial summer period. We are confident we can maintain these levels for the next few months. The grass is growing at an exponential rate; it’s great to see the course so green for this time of the year!
We’ve had to overcome many challenges this season to present the course to a high standard. This is down to sheer hard work, critical thinking and problem solving skills. It would be remiss to not acknowledge the hard work of Yoyo, Greg, Scott and Tomos to achieve our targets. Ged has continued to offer his service on a voluntary basis and is managing the copses to a high standard. He is working in all weather conditions, and we are truly thankful for his commitment and hard work for the past several months.

The irrigation system has recently received some upgrades. For the past couple of years we’ve had to carefully apply water to the greens. At times we were unable to irrigate the tees as the demand for greens and tees was too great for the pumps. With the replacement drive, we can apply water to the greens and tees simultaneously in only a few hours.

On Wednesday, a hydraulic leak on occurred on the 15th fairway from the fairway mower. Fortunately we were able to replace the burst hydraulic pipe in only a few hours. Two lines of hydraulic oil will scar the fairway for a couple of weeks. We have tried to mitigate the damage with a spill kit and heavily soaked the damaged turf. The lines on the fairway have
received seed and germination will occur in the next few days.