Men’s Texas Scramble.


May 01 2021

Texas Scramble
Saturday 1st May 2021


Please note important information on how Saturday’s Texas Scramble is to be played.

Texas Scramble is a 4-man team

Tees of the day: WHITE

9-hole Stableford: tees: YELLOW

1st tee is from the temporary tee, then remember to continue with the correct tee from then on.

Handicap –
Use your exact handicap to calculate your COURSE HANDICAP by using the ‘Slope Chart’ for the White tees. i.e., 5.2 plays off 6.

When writing out your card you will need to put each player’s name down and clearly mark on the handicap for each player their exact handicap and course handicap, please look at this example below:

Player A Paul Jones 5.2/6
Players B Barry Edwards 15.9/17
Players C Jo Smith 19.1/21
Player D Brian Hughes 4.6/5

To work out the team handicap it is 15% of the combined white tee course rating handicap.
For the example above this total is 49.

To work out 15% the easiest calculation to use is this one.
49 X 15% = 7.35 team handicap

There will be copies of the handicap index sheets, in the Pro Shop, on the notice board by the main entrance and on the notice board by the first tee.

Each player must have four drives to count, this must be clearly marked on the card for example if player A has his drive used on the 1st hole you will put a tick in the player A column on hole 1 and the medal score to be recorded in the Net/points column.

When playing from the:
Fairway the ball may be placed within 1 club length
Rough the ball is to be dropped within 1 club length
Green ball placed with 6 inches
In all cases no nearer the hole

As this is a social competition, there will be a ‘club local rule’ in place, permitting players to stand behind to watch the line of the putt.

There is no requirement for the player to play first when his shot has been chosen, players are permitted to play in any order.

Can members please check their handicap index before arriving to play Saturday so they know what course rating they will need off the whites. The Pro Shop for most of Saturday will have only one member of staff in and therefore won’t be able to check everyone’s handicap index. Can I also remind all members there is a maximum of two customers in the shop at anyone time.

Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday

Kind Regards

The event is finished.

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