Covid-19 Update

Club is reviewing current all Covid-19 procedures and signage due to the recent tightening of the national rules. It has been noted that there are still some issues in the following areas;
– Members moving from table to table and sharing food while dining
– Not wearing masks when walking around the Club
– Not recording full details when signing in
Members are kindly reminded of the importance of following the rules and guidelines as your safety is our greatest concern.

On Monday 19th October, Phase One of the kitchen repairs will commence. This will involve a full gas test and will identify whether this will result in increased capacity for Andy and Nicky. Investigations have revealed that the canopy in the kitchen does not meet operational standards. This work is out for tender and more details to follow.

Directors are currently reviewing operating costs due to the decreased revenue this year from the reduction in travelling societies and visitors and the ban on gatherings and social functions. Jeff has been asked to review the job support and retention schemes and how they can support and maintain the jobs of our core staff.