Please find updated course local Rules.

Course Local Rules for 24th April 2021-until further notice

* No preferred lies

* Bunkers- use foot to ‘rake’ sand and the place within 6 inches, no nearer the hole.

* Smooth bunkers with foot or club

* Do not touch the flag sticks.

* Repair all pitch marks on the green.

* Flood alleviation work is deemed GUR within the course boundaries.

This Saturday is the final Pros Competition. During this time players have been playing off the handicaps on their howdidido app and taking there shots for 11 holes. This Saturday is an 18 hole competition and any handicap reductions will be in play for this Saturdays pros Comp.

From the following Saturday 1st May all competitions going forward players will be using their exact Handicap index and will refer to the Slope chart on the notice board by the putting green for your course handicap.
Finally any handicap reductions made during the Pros winter Comp don’t carry over for the 1st May.

Next week the Pro Shop will be on hand to answer as best we can any questions you have on the new WHS.