Course Update and Buggies Reminder

Particularly with such a bad spell of weather, our greenkeepers have been doing a fantastic job checking the course conditions daily at the crack of dawn, to ensure we can all play in a safe way for us as golfers and for the protection of the course.

It’s in all our interest that we keep the course as open as possible, but with such rain it’s simply not been possible, and the greenkeepers have had to take the difficult decision to restrict play or use of buggies.

This decision is not taken lightly, as we understand there can be a huge inconvenience to members. However, when conditions are too wet for buggies, these guidelines must be adhered to for safety reasons.

There has been some damage to the course, and although this happened on a day when buggy use was allowed, we must all take every precaution to ensure our own safety and that of the course each day, particularly as we get deeper into winter (and sadly, likely wetter weather!)

Please do take care when on the course, and continue to check course dates (either via Twitter, phone message or website) Thank you!