Course Update 19th March

Latest course update.

This week has been too damp to cut the majority of the golf course, it was decided to allow the grass to be slightly longer than cause a lot of tyre ruts and smearing of mud on the grass. This gave us the opportunity to complete a few task around the course, from picking up twigs on the fairways, edging the path by the first tee and landscaping around the new starter shed.
The greens are continually mowed and vibro rolled to smooth and firm the playing surface.
Bunkers have been raked, although they will remain GUR for the next couple of weeks, we are planning on adding sand very soon.

Unfortunately buggies will not be permitted today or over the weekend and we will review the suitability at 7am on Monday.

Next week we plan to mow the fairways with our newly refurbished units, mow the majority of the rough and all tees and aprons. If the ground conditions improve the greens will be lightly top dressed.

Kind Regards

Gareth Jones

Golf Course Manager
Abergele Golf Club Ltd